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Thomas & Associates : Sealants

Over years of studies and a better understanding of tooth decay prevention, dentists learned that while fluoride treatments were significant in defending against decay, sealants could take protection even further. Thomas & Associates are specialists in the application of sealants for children and adults to prevent tooth decay.

Why apply tooth sealants?

The chewing surfaces of your teeth have many bumps, grooves and fissures, making them susceptible to cavities due to trapped food. Children’s teeth are especially vulnerable, with deeper grooves and pits on those new, barely worn teeth, especially molars. Children and adults alike can find it difficult to reach molars with their toothbrushes, and even careful brushing can miss bits of food deep in these grooves, allowing the growth of bacteria and leading to decay.

The application of tooth sealants on the appropriate teeth can help prevent tooth decay at any age, but is especially beneficial for toddlers and children ages 4 to 17.

How are tooth sealants applied?

Your dentist will first clean and dry the tooth to be treated. Then a thin layer of liquid plastic material is painted over the pits and fissures of the tooth. Your dentist will use a blue spectrum natural light for a few seconds to cure the plastic on the tooth. There also are brands of sealants that self-cure.

The cured plastic coating becomes a hard, thin layer covering and protecting the treated portions of the tooth. It usually will last five years or more without any special care or treatment.

Sealants are a great choice for young children as they learn appropriate care of their teeth. However, for adults who find they are vulnerable to decay for various reasons, Dr. Thomas strongly recommends sealants to provide added protection.

If you have questions for yourself or your children regarding application of tooth sealants in Canton, North Canton or Massillon, Ohio, contact Thomas & Associates today.

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