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From minor cavities to nagging toothaches, trauma related to an accident or the need to have wisdom teeth removed, Thomas & Associates have made restorative dentistry their priority for you and your family. When you need a cavity filled or if you are anticipating an extraction due to decay or trauma, Dr. Thomas looks beyond the immediate procedure. With a focus on addressing common oral health problems, restorative dentistry at our practice aims at improving the cosmetic appearance of our patients’ smiles as well as preserving or improving their oral health.

At Thomas & Associates, we use a variety of procedures and techniques that are designed to both look and feel natural, so our patients can focus on enjoying life without worrying about the fillings, bridges or dentures they rely on each day. Our techniques, equipment and materials are state-of-the-art, so whether you are receiving a crown or you have been fitted for your first set of dentures, you can be confident in your dental work.

If you need information about implants in North Canton or wisdom teeth extraction in Massillon, contact Thomas & Associates for quality dental care.


Why do you need a bridge where you are missing a tooth?

Losing one or more teeth can result in a difference in chewing, speaking and even the shape of your face. Bridges were developed to fix these problems. A bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, can help reduce stress in your bite resulting from missing teeth and maintain the the shape of your face.

What does a tooth bridge do?

A bridge on your teeth replaces the missing teeth with artificial ones.

What is a tooth bridge made out of?

The bridge can be made from a variety of materials including gold, alloys and porcelain and bonded to the surrounding teeth for support. Occasionally, they are made from a combination of materials.

What is a fixed dental bridge?

A fixed bridge is just that – fixed in place and can only be removed by a dentist. A removable bridge can be taken out for cleaning.

What is an implanted dental bridge?

Another type of bridge is the implant bridge. This procedure attached the artificial teeth directly to the jawbone or under the gum. Since the success of a bridge procedure depends on its foundation, it very important to keep your remaining teeth healthy.

See examples of before and after shots.



If you are looking for a dentist that specializes in constructing tooth bridges or other cosmetic dentistry work in the North Canton or surrounding Ohio areas, contact Dr. Thomas & Associates.


A dental filling is used to restore tooth structure that has been
removed due to decay. Your options go beyond the silver fillings of
yesterday. Today, dentists consider materials that function so your
filling looks and feels natural while also restoring the integrity of
the tooth.

Amalgam (silver) fillings are still considered for molars because of
their ability to withstand the force of chewing, but more often dentists
are choosing tooth-colored composites for their natural look and
strength. These composite resins are bonded to the tooth and many
dentists now believe they may maintain the strength of the tooth better
than amalgam, which is believed to expand and contract when exposed to
temperature changes. Composites also allow dentists to save more of your
natural tooth, because the bonding process does not require removal of
as much tooth structure.

Dr. Thomas considers the location and function of the tooth when
determining the best material options for fillings for you and your
family. You can expect a restoration that lasts while maintaining that
attractive smile.

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A Crown covers a tooth that is cracked, chipped or is damaged or stained
in some way, restoring the look of your original tooth. Made from a
composite or porcelain, a crown fully covers a tooth to the gum line and
feels like your natural tooth.

Crowns are frequently used to protect a weak tooth or to correct a
discolored one. They also are fitted over implants to replace a missing
tooth and are used to attach a bridge to fill a gap due to missing

At Thomas & Associates your crown will be carefully matched to the size,
shape and color of your natural teeth, so you can expect an
aesthetically pleasing result.


A dental bridge replaces missing teeth by attaching replacement teeth to the
teeth on either side of the missing ones. Typically, a bridge fills a
gap from two or more missing teeth, but it may replace just one. Your
replacement teeth are made from precious metals, alloys or porcelain and
are bonded to the supporting teeth. Usually the supporting teeth are
fitted with crowns to accommodate the bridge.

Your bridge, also referred to as partial dentures, may be removable or
fixed. Occasionally bridges are implanted using a procedure similar to
that of implanting a single tooth. It is important to establish a solid
foundation for your dental bridge both for comfort and function.

At Thomas & Associates, location and function is considered carefully as
we design your custom bridge, so that you are assured of the best
quality material for your replacement teeth as well as a comfortable and
stable fit. The correct fit and design for your bridge can dramatically
improve your ability to chew and speak, as well as creating an
attractive smile and enhancing your overall appearance.

Even one missing tooth can create stress when biting or chewing, and can
detract from your appearance. Call Dr. Thomas today to discuss the
possibility of crowns or a bridge to replace missing teeth.

Look below for some before and after pictures of tooth crowning and
bridge work.



If you are looking for a dentist in the North Canton or surrounding Ohio areas that specializes in tooth crowning and is a perfectionist when it comes to being a cosmetic dentist, contact Dr. Thomas & Associates.


Implants may be a better option for some patients with missing teeth,
both for the natural smile they enhance and for the comfort they
provide. Dental implants are actually fused to the jaw bone, so the
replacement tooth is fixed and feels as secure as your natural tooth.

Although the process is surgical and must take place over multiple
visits to allow for healing, many patients feel it is worth it for the

The process involves surgically implanting a titanium screw in the jaw
bone. A composite tooth, or crown, is then bonded to the implant,
providing a stable new tooth that looks and feels like the original.

Dental implant candidates must have healthy gums and bones in order to
support fusing of the screw to the bone. Dr. Thomas is pleased to
provide this solution to patients seeking to improve their smile.

For dental implants in North Canton or surrounding Ohio areas, Thomas &
Associates can help you determine if this solution is right for you.

The images below show how implants are fused to the bone.

Before( Cracked root canal)

After(replaced with implant)


For those who have lost all or most of their teeth, full dentures are a
great solution. Properly fitted, dentures can function and feel just
like natural teeth, and they dramatically improve a person’s ability to
eat and communicate, not to mention their overall health and appearance.

At Thomas & Associates, we understand that attractive and properly
fitted dentures are the key to satisfied patients. We want you to be
comfortable with your teeth and your appearance. Dr. Thomas starts with
a consultation to determine what you are looking for and prepare you for
the process. Whether you are in need of full dentures or you prefer
partial dentures and the option of keeping your healthy teeth, the
process is detailed and customized for a perfect fit for you.

Your procedure for dentures will take several visits and several months.
First, remaining teeth must be removed and the gums allowed to heal.
Then we measure your mouth and jaw and create models of your jaw. For
those receiving full dentures, you will be fitted with an immediate
denture while your custom dentures are made, so you will never be
without teeth. Over the course of several visits and using the model,
Dr. Thomas will then perfectly fit your dentures for a result you will

Our staff will educate you on care of your dentures and your gums so
that you can be sure of many years of comfort and enjoyment of your

Below is an example of what dentures can do for your appearance:



If you need dentures and you live in the North Canton or surrounding Ohio areas, contact Dr. Thomas & Associates.

Tooth Extractions / Extractions

The possibility of needing to get a tooth pulled has prompted many to
put off a visit to a dentist. Don’t suffer with a tooth ache or struggle
with a cracked or damaged tooth. At Thomas & Associates, we do a
thorough exam to determine if your tooth can be saved. If an extraction
is needed, it is simple and quick at our offices, with anesthesia as
needed so you can expect a comfortable experience with as little pain
and stress as possible.

Do you need your Wisdom Teeth removed?

At Thomas & Associates we don’t assume wisdom teeth are going to be a
problem, but for many, the jaw line is just not large enough to handle
another set of teeth. This last set of molars frequently causes crowding
of the rest of the teeth, or one of more of them grow in sideways,
become impacted or become trapped by the jawbone.

When the wisdom teeth become painful or create the potential for
infection, extraction is necessary. Dr. Thomas will determine through
regular x-rays whether your wisdom teeth are misaligned or whether there
is room in your mouth to accommodate them. He will then consult with you
as to your options, including your desire for anesthesia. You can expect
an efficient procedure at Thomas & Associates, with your comfort level
as our top priority.

Occasionally, the condition of your wisdom teeth or jaw will require
that the extraction be performed as oral surgery. At Thomas &
Associates, you can expect a detailed explanation of this process, along
with a referral to a highly experienced oral surgeon.

What to expect after a tooth extraction?

You will always receive detailed instructions after a tooth extraction,
or following extraction of your wisdom teeth, to ensure quick and
thorough healing. After any extraction, it is best to avoid smoking,
drinking through a straw or vigorous rinsing of the mouth.

Gentle mouth rinsing and ice will help with pain and swelling, and you
will likely be prescribed pain medication as needed. Continue regular
oral hygiene practices, but allow healing around the tooth socket before
brushing or flossing in the area.

If you believe you may need a tooth extraction in North Canton or the
surrounding area, contact Thomas & Associates for a consultation and

Below are images of before and after a wisdom tooth extraction



Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are important and do their part when they’re properly positioned and healthy. Unfortunately, problems can develop and wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary.

Problems with wisdom teeth 

For instance, the patient’s jaw may not be large enough for the additional teeth, they may become impacted. Or, they may only partially erupt or grow sideways and become trapped under the gum and jawbone.

When wisdom teeth only partially erupt through the gums, the jaw may swell, become painful and leave an opening for bacteria, subsequently causing an infection. At times, misaligned wisdom teeth may damage adjacent teeth or a cyst can form threatening the bone structure and/or tooth roots.

With any of these circumstances, wisdom tooth extraction is often needed.

When you call Dr.Thomas & Associates for a wisdom tooth extraction you can expect a swift procedure with anesthesia to decrease any discomfort.

Dr. Mike will prescribe the steps to follow after your wisdom tooth extraction to insure proper healing. In addition, he may prescribe pain medication, depending on the situation.

What should I not do after I have my wisdom teeth extracted?

After any tooth extraction procedure, it’s best not to smoke, drink through a straw, or vigorously rinse your mouth. These actions may dislodge the clot and lengthen the healing process.

At times, oral surgery is required to extract a wisdom tooth. In these cases, Dr. Mike will arrange a referral to a qualified and highly experienced oral surgeon.

After a few days of healing, it’s best to only rinse your mouth gently, if needed. A cold compress or ice bag can help with any pain and/or swelling. You can brush and floss, but it’s often best to avoid the area and teeth near the tooth socket.

If you need your Wisdom Teeth extracted, and you live in the North Canton, Jackson Township, or surrounding Ohio areas, contact Dr. Thomas & Associates.

Below are images of before and after wisdom tooth extraction procedure.



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