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Thomas & Associates :Botox (FAQ’S)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Often described by clients and medical practitioners alike as the new “fountain of youth”. (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a simple, minimally invasive treatment that may deliver effective results to a wide range of patients. It is a purified protein administered in a simple, nonsurgical procedure that temporarily improves the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in men and women aged 18-65.

How can I be sure I’m getting the real BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Only licensed and trained healthcare professionals have the experience necessary to administer BOTOX® Cosmetic. Allergan, Inc., the maker of BOTOX® Cosmetic, is the only source for healthcare professionals to purchase the product, and each label has the “Allergan” hologram.

How long has BOTOX® been used?

BOTOX® has been used therapeutically for over 16 years to treat a variety of medical conditions. It is approved in more than 75 countries. For therapeutic use, it remains one of the most widely researched medicines in the world. The same product with dosing specific to glabellar lines was approved in 2002 as BOTOX® Cosmetic.

What is the difference between BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers?

Frown lines are caused by overactive facial muscles. Fillers correct the wrinkle by adding volume around the muscle with intradermal injections. BOTOX® Cosmetic is intramuscular, blocking chemicals that cause facial muscles to contract, thereby relaxing them. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only product of its type that affects the muscles that cause the wrinkles between the brows.

Have patients been happy with their BOTOX® results?

Yes; 97% of patients were satisfied with the results of their treatment, according to a survey conducted in 2005 by the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation.

And, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), BOTOX® Cosmetic was the most popular doctor-administered cosmetic procedure in the United States in 2004 (surgical and nonsurgical combined). ASAPS estimates that almost 3 million treatments were performed in 2004.

What is the BOTOX® procedure like?

It is a simple, 10-minute procedure consisting of a few tiny injections. There is no downtime. Dr. Thomas decides exactly where to administer BOTOX® Cosmetic for best results.

Is the BOTOX® painful?

It causes a little discomfort; most patients compare the sensation to a bug bite. Overall, the discomfort is minimal and temporary.

What are the common side effects of BOTOX®?

The most common side efects following injection include temporary eyelid droop and nausea.

When will I start to see results from BOTOX®?

You should start to see visible improvement within a week. The area may continue to improve for up to 2 weeks in some patients.

How long does BOTOX® last?

When administered properly, the effect of BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can last up to four months.

How will BOTOX® Cosmetic affect my facial expressions?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected in small doses directly into the muscles that cause those moderate to severe frown lines between your brows to form, allowing tht area to smooth out. It won’t affect your ability to laugh, smile or otherwise express yourself.

Is BOTOX® Cosmetic expensive?

Actually, it’s quite affordable. In fact, according to ASAPS, it has a very low entry-level cost in the United States.

How can I find out more about BOTOX® Cosmetic?

If you are looking for Botox, and you live in the North Canton, or surrounding Ohio areas, contact Thomas & Associates to find out more information or to schedule an appointment.

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